Check out our tips on how to travel with your dog!


Travelling with your pooch can be fun and stress free if you are organised! Lots of dogs love to travel and the success of the trip can depend on what you bring and your own attitude!

Packing what you need to travel

Bring your dogs lead and collar. Your pooch will be getting out of the car in a new area and might run off to explore so the lead will be really important!

Food and water is of course essential. Try give him what you normally feed him. He might have a bit of an upset stomach from the car and introducing a new food might result in some unwanted bowel movements!!

Make sure you bring enough blankets to keep him warm and bags for dog poop!

Crate or free to roam

One of the funniest things you can see is a dog heading down the road in a car with his head out the window! The definition of living the dream!! But just like with humans, this is extremely dangerous.

If your dog isn’t restrained and you have an accident he could get badly hurt or he could even cause the accident in the first place. Have a crate for the car (or whatever best suits your car and dog) and strap it in – a crate that is loose is about as effective as having the dog running around loose in the backseat anyway!

Take breaks

You will need to take breaks like you would if you had a child in the car. You might be able for the long distance drive but your dog isn’t! Take regular breaks and allow him to stretch his legs and take a few toilet breaks – be careful here and remember my earlier point about your dog running off to explore if you don’t have his lead on!

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