For all cat owners – check out November’s top offers at SuperValu!

Here at the PetDoc Club we keep our ear to the ground when it comes to special offers on pet. Our job is to save you money after all! Check out these brilliant offers on pet at SuperValu this November!


For all you pet lovers out there, SupeValu have some fantastic offers on pet to help you save some money in the run up to Christmas! Let’s have a quick look at the very best offers for your cat!

Selected Felix As Good As It Looks 12 Packs are just €5 – that’s a saving of €1.85 per pouch!

Image result for felix agail 12 pack

Whiskas Pouch Single Packs are on a 3 for €1.20 deal – save up to €1.35 per purchase!

Image result for whiskas single pouch

Sheeba Foil Trays 85 Grams are 6 for €3.50 – that’s a saving of €1 per purchase!

Image result for sheba classic foil tray

And finally – Go Cat Dry Food 2kg Packs are just €5 – save up to €2.50!

Go Cat Tuna, Herring & Vegetable Dry Food

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