Why is string, yarn and ribbon dangerous for cats?


Did you know string, yarn, and ribbon is dangerous for cats? A cat’s tongue is covered with barbs that point toward his throat. These are for pulling out dead fur when grooming and pulling meat off bones in the wild.

If any fabrics get caught on these barbs, the cat can’t won’t be able to spit it up. One end may stay caught on the cat’s tongue, while the rest will travel to the stomach. If the fabric doesn’t attach to the tongue, it will pass through your cat’s digestive system and can become bunched up, causing a blockage.

Symptoms can include vomiting, heaving, lack of appetite, painful abdomen, fever, straining or diarrhea. If you have any concerns, bring your cat to the vet immediately. Prevention is key! Keep string, yarn, ribbon, fishing line and dental floss where your cat can’t get to it!

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