Simple tips to raise a friendly cat

Friendly Cat Tips

While some cats are naturally more friendly than others, there are a few simple things each day to make your cat friendlier!

  1. Gentle handling

If you don’t handle cats, in particular kittens and younger cats, then they can become scared and nervous. Be gentle and playful – if you can show your cat that humans are nice and friendly then they will be much more receptive to human interaction going forward!

2. Teach them to come when you call them

Cats are clever creatures and will recognise their name after a bit of time. Reward them with treats when they do come to you after you call them.

3. Try get your cat used to cat friendly dogs

Cats and dogs don’t always need to be arch nemesis! If you have a cat friendly dog, it would be good to get your cat used to the fact that not all dogs are bad. The younger you do this the better.

4. Lots of attention and interaction

It’s really important you are warm and affectionate to your cat, particularly in its early years. Cats are pretty independent and maybe even slightly aloof but it’s important for their social development to be interactive with them and give them lots of attention.

5. Give kitty lots of affection

Showing your cat that human interaction is fun and warm will help them develop a bond with you and they will feel safe and secure. Gently pick them up and stroke their fur – this should initial the purring!!

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