Shopper Hack: Check out the value on these 5kg Bakers bags at Dunnes Stores!

Sometimes when you’re on the shopping aisle it can be all too easy to overlook some excellent value when you see it, especially if it requires some calculations! Thankfully the PetDoc Club is here to do the hard work for you!


Anyone who owns a dog that loves Bakers Complete dog food is going to find this little value hack very very handy!

You’re probably used to looking out for a hot deal on the usual 2.7kg bags. In fact they’re on offer right now in Dunnes Stores for just €6.89, down from the usual price of €9.89! However that’s not the deal we’re here to share. We’re advising shoppers to look for the 5kg bags. They’re currently reduced from €10 to just €9!!! Shoppers are getting almost double the amount of dog food for just an extra €2.11 on the 2.7kg special offer price! AMAZING!


Why it’s so hard to spot on the aisle…

The thing that most shoppers miss out on is the actual pack contents. Because both the 2.7kg and 5kg Bakers bags are vacuum packed for freshness, when they’re put side by side on the supermarket shelf they actually almost look the same size!!! Don’t be fooled!!!


Cost per serving is the truth test!

An average 10 kg dog should be eating about 200g per day of Bakers Complete (spread across 2 meals).

If we take the 2.7kg bag – that’s approximately 13 days of food and even at the above offer price of €6.89 it works out at 27c per meal!

If we take the 5kg bag – that’s approximately 25 days of food and at the €9 works out at 18c per meal! That’s a further saving of 33% on the above special offer price!


Our advice – when possible look for the 5kg bag – you’ll end up saving a fortune!!!

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