ISPCA Wedding favours! Unique and personal for animal lovers!


ISPCA personalised wedding favours are a fantastic idea for couples! Great for those on a wedding budget or who want to do something a little bit different and personal. A must for animal lovers who want to support an animal charity!

A great alternative to chocolates and trinkets, animal lovers can include their own pets in their big day and help support less fortunate animals who have come in to the care of the ISPCA. Presenting your guests with not only really thoughtful wedding gifts for them, but a life-saving gift for the ISPCA.

Simply take a photo of your pets on a digital camera so that it will be high-resolution enough to print on your personalised wedding favour cards. Your wedding guests will love the idea and your pets will also be part of your special day.

To find out more about this thoughtful gift, contact the ISPCA fundraising team on 043 33 25035 (3) or email

You can also download the ISPCA Wedding Favour Brochure here or order your personalised wedding favours, please visit our online shop.

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