New Insect Dog Food has been launched in the UK!

insect dog food

New insect dog food has been launched in the UK! The manufacturers who are called Yora have created this product in a bid to reduce carbon pawprint. They claim it is the “world’s most sustainable” way to feed your pet.

A whopping 20% of the world’s meat and fish is consumed by pets. It is estimated that pet food attributes a quarter of the environmental impacts caused by meat production.

In each bag, the insects make up 40% of the protein. They are dried and ground with oats, potato, kale, seaweed, and chicory. You can currently buy this product in dry kibble form with Yora hoping to expand into wet dog food later this year.

“Animals and humans have been eating insects since the dawn of time,” said Yora founder Tom Neish. “We have trialed 29 recipes to find the perfect combination of great tasting ingredients and are very proud of the end result. Yora enables dog owners to take the lead in giving their dog a nutritious, tasty food while having a positive impact on the environment.”

Other insect dog foods have already been launched in both Germany and America, but with a lower insect content.

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