This is why you should have your dog neutered as early as possible


Hi dog lovers! Is your dog spayed or neutered? If not, older females are prone to breast tumours & a life-threatening disease of the womb called pyometra. Females can even go through phantom pregnancies. Males are at greater risk of testicular cancer & prostate disease.

If dogs escape to mate, they could get lost or injured & unneutered males can become aggressive & wait outside the house of a dog on heat. Spaying also fights against the over saturation of puppy’s on the market & left in animal charities.

Letting your dog have a litter first is of NO health benefit so please neuter as early as possible! If you adopt, the charity will spay or neuter first & is included in your adoption fee. If you are on Social Welfare, you can use Dogs Trust subsidised mobile clinic service.

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