Dog food – we talk you through the options available to you and your dog!


What made you pick the dog food you give your best friend? Is it the best option available to them or have you ever questioned it? It can be hard to navigate the dog food aisle but thankfully we’re here to talk you through the options…

Understanding the dog food aisle?

Dog food is quite is a rich environment full of options – all of which claim to be best for your doggo. But what’s the difference between dry food and wet food. And raw food. And mixers. Hang on, why the hell is it so complicated. Well let me break it down for you.


Complete foods.

These are by far the most popular choice in Ireland and the UK. To be a complete food they must contain every nutrient required by dogs to remain healthy. They can be dry, wet or raw.

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Complementary foods and mixer biscuits

These are usually wet or raw foods that don’t contain the full range of nutrients required to keep your dog in tip top shape. For this reason they need to be added to other foods in order to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Why use them? Some contain extra protein and others just help the food taste a bit more palatable for fussy dogs.

Similarly mixers are usually cereal based dry nuggets usually fed alongside incomplete raw or wet food.


Dry foods

Most dog owners use dry dog food. They’re usually complete, there’s no fuss and depending on the quality, almost no smell. They’re typically made from dried or ground materials and usually cooked or baked.


Wet foods

Another popular choice and usually found in tins, pouches and trays. The food is pasteurised which avoids the need for preservatives, the pasteurisation process kills all the micro-organisms within the sealed containers. In my experience the cheaper the food, the worse the funky smell of dog breath.

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Raw foods

In recent years raw foods have become more and more popular. It’s going back to nature I suppose. If you visit a large pet superstore you’re now likely to see a freezer of raw dog food. The frozen option makes it that little bit more convenienet, or should I say less inconvenient. Like all foods, you can find both complete and supplementary versions of raw food.

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Fresh food

I’ll end with the last and least popular, fresh food. Don’t read into its popularity as an indication of its quality, its just new and not yet commonplace. The idea is they provide a convenient version of home cooked meals. They’re low processed and contain little to no preservatives. You do need to keep stocking up however as they don’t keep in the fridge for long durations.


How do you choose? Well you have to just settle on the best option for your dog. For most, it’s just the fist food you feed them but if your mutt isn’t loving life on his current menu, change it up. You might be surprised to see how grateful he or she is.

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