Eating Dogs in the UK still Legal. Hopes for Ban with New Brexit Bill.


Shockingly, it is still legal to ‘humanely kill and eat a dog you own’ in the UK. There is hope that this will soon be banned. 15 Conservative backbenchers are trying to change the Brexit Agriculture Bill.

These proposed changes were announced shortly after US Congress changed their dog meat laws. Since 2018, it is illegal to eat dog or cat meat in the US. Unfortunately, the dog meat trade is big business in some parts of Asia. It is estimated 30 million dogs a year are killed for their meat.


The UK Kennel Club fully back proposed changes to the Brexit Agriculture Bill. The KC secretary, Caroline Kisko, said: “We fully understand the impact that UK animal welfare laws can have on other countries, which is why we strongly support the World Dog Alliance’s campaign to make it illegal for humans to eat dog meat in the UK.

“Dogs are our beloved companions who should be nurtured and looked after, not eaten. Thankfully there have been no cases in the UK but that should not stop us changing the law here to help protect them from unnecessary harm in countries where this appalling practice takes place.”

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