Dogs Trust bring Dáil Éireann 28,000 signatures to End Breeding Cruelty.

breeding cruelty

Dogs Trust launched the campaign “How much is that Doggie in the Window?” last November. The campaign highlighted the horrific reality behind breeding cruelty in Ireland. As part of the campaign, many of us took action by signing a petition. The petition asked the Irish government to change the laws and stop puppy farm cruelty.

The petition was delivered yesterday to Minister of State, Sean Canney. It contained over 28,000 signatures! The petition asked him to urgently review and strengthen the Dog Breeding Establishment (DBE) Act 2010.

The amended Act should clamp down on ‘profits before dog welfare’ breeders. It should also include tougher enforcement and prosecution where breeders fail to comply.

Suzie Carley, Executive Director of Dogs Trust, said:

“It is imperative that the Dog Breeding Establishment Act 2010 is reviewed and strengthened as a matter of urgency to clamp down on the vile puppy farming trade in Ireland.”

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