The bees living on Notre Dame’s roof survived the fire!

Notre Dame

The bees living on Notre Dame’s roof have survived the fire! Nicolas Geant, the beekeeper said: “Right after the fire, I looked at the drone pictures and saw the hives weren’t burnt. Now I know there’s activity it’s a huge relief!”

There have been three beehives on the roof of Notre Dame over the sacristy since 2013. The hives are approximately 30 meters below the main roof where the fire took over. “Thank goodness the flames didn’t touch them. It’s a miracle!” Geant said.

The beekeeper Nicolas Geant settled three hives on the roof of the sacristy of Notre Dame.

“Wax melts at 63 degrees if the hive had reached that temperature the wax would have melted and glued the bees together, they would have all perished.”
Thankfully this didn’t happen. Bees don’t have lungs so the smoke wouldn’t have affected them either.
Notre Dame
Each hive houses around 60,000 bees. Geant won’t know how many are still alive until he can properly inspect the area. However, bees have been spotted flying in and out so he is confident.
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