Barking – How to deal with excessive barking and what causes it!

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In a perfect world dogs would not be left for long periods on their own. The reality is a lot of people have to work and let the dog to entertain himself when he is home alone.

There will be the argument that people who have to work long hours or have a long commute shouldn’t have dogs. But most owners are responsible who have given a lot of thought to taking on a pet and have prepared.

Sometime things can change, like jobs, lifestyles so owners have to adapt and do their best. Under these conditions some dogs can get bored and this in turn can result in barking to get attention. This will obviously cause problems with the neighbours. If you find yourself in this situation here are some helpful tips:

• Spend as much time as you can with your pet when you can. Walk the dog regularly and play is very important.
• When you are not available make sure your dog has plenty stimulation. Toys, balls, chews, agility products, or any number of products you can get in your local pet store can help.
• If you know in advance that you will be away for a few hours maybe hire a dog walking to come and take your dog out.

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