5 things to consider before you buy a pet bird!

Think owning a pet bird is easier than owning a dog or a cat? Think again! For anyone considering getting a feathered friend, the team here at the PetDoc Club have put together 5 things to consider!

  1. Birds can be noisy!

Now some bird owners will tell you that their pet birds “noise” is in fact beautiful music! And some may…let’s just say disagree! While some birds sounds are soothing and soft, the sounds emitted by others can be deafening! Definitely do some research on the type of sound your potential new pet makes!!

  1. Your floor will get pretty messy!

In the wild, birds are messy eaters because the mess from their dinner would provide food for lots of other animals living underneath the trees! So the food you gently place into their cage, can be devoured and have bits knocked back out between the bars of the cage onto your lovely new carpet below! The good news here is a simple hoover or sweep will clean this all up.

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  1. Birds actually needs lots of social interaction!

Cats and dogs are pretty domesticated animals compared to birds which are basically wild. So to make sure your feathered pal stays calm and tame its needs to socialise with it every day!

  1. Birds need a varied and special diet

Feeding a bird is not as simple as planting a bowl of seeds in front of them. They need a good helping of fruit and vegetables every day to make sure they are in the best shape possible.

  1. They may chew up all your furniture!

A bird’s beak continues to grow throughout their life and to protect it from overgrowing it needs to be worn down. To do this birds will do lots of chewing! So if you are not careful, your lovely new pet will be chewing on your furniture and valuables! Offer it lots of fun and safe toys to reduce the chances of it ruining your favourite bits at home!

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